About the band

Band name: Orbicide
Genre: aggrotech, dark electro, electro-industrial
Location: Wrocław, Poland
Label: Halotan Records


  • Adam Radziszewski — music, production
  • Jacek Bochenek — vocals, lyrics

We are a dark electro band from Wrocław, Poland. Most of contemporary bands involved in dark independent scene have succumbed to somewhat soft dance music. We bring back aggression to aggrotech and darkness to dark electro. You will be treated generously with low frequencies, ominous synths, black-metal screaming and growling vocals.

The lyrical concept is related to the Bible and the absurdities and incomprehensible atrocities that are endorsed there and widely accepted as a source of moral directives. While the topic of reckoning with Christianity is not new, Orbicide serve it in a way that does not offend the listener’s intelligence.

In 2013 Orbicide released their debut EP “Ex falso quodlibet” via Halotan Records and in the same year the band started playing gigs.