Announcing “Not a single letter altered”

It’s been two years sice our first EP “Ex falso quodlibet” saw the light of the day. It’s time to finally announce the release of our new material — “Not a single letter altered”!
The new release will again be brought to you by Halotan Records, offering you both free download and possibility to buy a physical CD.

Release date: 20 December 2015

1 – The Ashes of Ai
2 – Embrace Thy Shackles
3 – Beyond Good and Evil
4 – Isaiah
5 – Jerusalem (feat. Jörmungandr of Audiocentesis)
6 – Isaiah (Remix by Device Noize)
7 – Beyond Good and Evil (Remix by Exemia)
8 – Isaiah (Binary Division Remix)
9 – Beyond Good and Evil (Antibody Remix)

Bonus track: Dichotomy Divine (Metal cover by Exemia)


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